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  • Already done with its second season and eager fans waiting for the third, Stranger Things is undoubtedly the best Netflix original so far. Its managed to maintain its authentic vibe in the two seasons and only gets better. Their cliffhangers and done seamlessly while keeping the fans wanting more. Here are some reasons why Stranger Things works giving as little spoilers as possible to ensure you get that surprise factor when you watch it :

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    Its a series thats meant to pay homage to the 80’s and boy do they deliver. Most series usually focus on the plot without giving too much thought to the costumes and hair. Stranger Things went for the less flashy but pretty impressive wardrobe.The scenes are full of nostalgic nods to the decade and its pop-cultural products. Nothing says “1980s” like an pair of high-waisted jeans, as worn in Stranger Things by Barb. The kids and adults dress in everyday clothes of the era. The bright colors and leg warmers are toned to neutral colors, knitted sweaters, and short pants. The inclusion of acne in the adolescents of the series is also quite realistic. No one expects to there have been skin clearing products in the 80’s. The music includes hits like “Africa” by ToTo that many people who grew up in that era can relate to.

    Catchy Plot Twists

    If you’re into plot twists that will just blow your mind, then Stranger Things is the way to go. Right from the first season Stranger Things will keep you glued to your screen because it uses horror and sci-fi conventions to paint pictures of people and relationships in the midst of believable crises. Its realistic approach to the lives of ordinary town folks and what they go through give you goosebumps because it’s relatable. Everyone looks like they have been pulled from family photographs and they’re going through all the struggles we all do. The twist and turns of the plot are catchy too because they’re not far fetched and you could actually see how they happened as much as you didn’t think they would.

    With only eight episodes in the first season, the plot remained entertaining without being too water washed.

    Outstanding cast

    With a cast that varied in age and personality, Stranger Things pulled all the stops to make the series a must see for all age groups. The young cast varying from Millie Bobby Brown who had a limited amount of lines but conveyed her emotions quite well and Noah Shnapps who wasnt in the first season for many scenes but made quite an impact gave an award winning performance. The boys varied in personality and quirks but all depicted the lives of needs in the 80’s beautifully. They got into their characters heads and did a great job at making Stranger Things an original series.

    From its older cast members, we of course must mention Winona Ryder and her surprising but well played role. She was able to go through and produce a variety of emotion on screen that created a connection between her and the viewer, while still creating a character whose personality and arc made sense over time. David Harbour gave the series grounding that it needed, with all the emotions going around, it needed something solid to hold on to, and David did that. He was the voice of calm in a lot of panic and intelligence we all expect from the police.

    We can’t fail to mention the teen cast too. They were simple yet really spoke on the everyday teen struggles and challenges they faced growing up in the 80’s.

    Stranger Things managed to produce an sci-fi tale that had the right amount of horror to keep you gripping onto your seat and cliffhangers that make you want more. It appeals to a large age group of viewers and with episodes varying from forty to fifty five minutes ensures you don’t get bored with long plots. Its well paced with just the right amount of screen time for all characters with a clear story thats easy yet entertaining. Definitely one of the best Netflix originals so far.

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