stranger things season 1 episodes

  • Stranger Things is a science fiction horror series written and directed by the Duffer Brothers. It premiered on Netflix in 2016 and stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour , Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo , Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer. It consists of eight episodes ranging from forty to fifty five minutes in length.

    Set in a fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the 1980s. The series was created to depict a mix of investigative drama and supernatural elements. Giving homage to the pop culture of the time. Like the name suggests Strange things start happening in this small town. It revolves around the disappearance of Will Byer, his impending search and the secrets of the nearby scientific laboratory.

    stranger things season 1 episodes


    #1 The Vanishing Of Will Byers

    In an isolated laboratory in Hawkins, Indiana, some kind of monster has escaped from its holding cell and kills a scientist. While cycling home from his friends house, Will sees something terrifying in the woods. He tries to escape and hide but the creature abducts him. This results in a manhunt for Will as the authorities and his family go looking for him. His friends Mike, Lucas and Dustin run into a girl in the woods who is wearing a hospital gown and is called Eleven. They decide to hide her at Max’s house.

    #2 The weirdo On Maple Street

    Will’s mother Joyce becomes transfixed by supernatural events affecting the house electricity – she’s convinced Will is communicating with her. Mike, Lucas and Dustin talk to Eleven and discover she has psychokinetic powers. Meanwhile Mike’s big sister Nancy is invited to her new boyfriend Steves house for a party and drags along her best friend Barb. Barb isn’t feeling the party so sits alone near the pool and gets abducted by the monster.

    #3 Holly Jolly

    Nancy realises that Barb is missing and starts looking for her. Jonathan who is Will’s brother was in the woods taking pictures and ended up taking pictures of Steve’s party. Steve and his friends confront him and break his camera. A desperate Nancy takes the torn pictures trying to see if she can get any clue on where Barb is. The police chief Jim Hopper gets suspicious of the national laboratory and starts investigating it. Convinced that Will is using the electricity and phone lines to speak to her, Joyce has hung up hundreds of Christmas lights all over her living room. A body is found in the quarry that might be Will.

    #4 The body

    Joyce refuses to acknowledge the body as Will’s which forces Hopper to go to the coroner’s office for more confirmation. He finds that the body is fake and decided to go and take a closer look at the laboratory. Eleven figures out a way to contact Will through the boys walkie talkies. In the pictures Nancy put together she discovers that a monster might have taken Barb and Jonathan suspects the same monster took his brother.

    #5 The Flea and The acrobat

    Chief Hopper goes back to the lab and finds the gate to the Upside Down. This is the haunted version of Hopkins where Barb and Will are being held. He gets caught by the lab agents working under Dr. Brenner and is drugged. He finds himself in his trailer and realises that Joyce might be telling the truth. Eleven says she’s taking the boys to the Upside Down to get Will but ends intentionally up taking them the wrong way and when the boys realise what’s she’s doing get angry at her. Jonathan and Nancy decide to tag team and find the monster in the woods. Nancy finds herself in the Upside Down and starts screaming when she discovers something is there with her.

    #6 The Monster

    Nancy manages to run away from the monster and asks Jonathan to sleep over because she’s scared. Only Steve find them together and spray paints ‘slut’ in the movie theatre ending up causing a fight with Jonathan. Mike and Dustin run into a group of bullies who have knives but end up getting saved by Eleven. They accept her back into their crew. While staking out the Hawkins Laboratory, Lucas sees Dr. Brenner and his men jumping into their vans going to take back Eleven. It looks serious, so he uses his walkie-talkie to warn Mike, Dustin, and Eleven that they need to hide. Joyce and Hopper track down a woman who could be Elevens mom.

    #7 The Bathtub

    Joyce, Hopper, Nancy and Jonathan decide to join forces. They discover that Dr. Brenner is looking for Eleven and the boys and decide to warn them. Eleven has a flashback of one of the experiments done to her in the lab of being emersed in water and told to use her powers to move objects. The group decided to do it on her and go to the school gym. Eleven is able to use her powers to search the Upside Down for Will and Barb. Meanwhile, Hopper and Joyce break in to Hawkins Laboratory to enter the Upside Down from there, but they’re caught by Brenner’s henchmen. Jonathan and Nancy decide to lure the monster to another location.

    Spoiler..Barb is Dead.

    #8 The Upside Down

    Dr. Brenner strike a deal with Joyce and Hopper to allow them to get into the Upside Down if they keep their silence. The two of them go inside and look for Will, finally finding him but have to pull some crazy tentacle from his throat, Hopper administers CPR and Will breathes again. At Joyce’s house Jonathan and Nancy have set a trap for the monster, only to have Steve show up. The trap works but the monster doesn’t seem to go down but disappears. Brenner and his agents go to the school to pick up Eleven at the same time the monster shows up. The Monster kills Brenner’s men and in an attempt to destroy the monster Eleven uses all her power to blow up herself and the monster.

    The season ends showing one month later Will is puking some slug like things, clearly something is wrong with him. Hopper is bidding food in the woods…which begs the question for who?

    The most surreal thing is that while all this is happening the rest of the town is unaware. Talk about creepy.

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