Stranger Things Season 2 review

  • This season came almost a year after the first. A year! The good thing is it fully delivered on the high hopes and expectations of its fans. Still maintaining its 80’s homage, old school vibe and its horrific feel the show just keep you wanting more. We get new casts and old ones maintaining their spots and showing us they weren’t one season wonders. The Upside Down is as freaky as ever with a new threat lurking around. A lot of adolescent nerdy feels come up. The boys are growing! Eleven grew some hair, no it doesn’t make her look more approachable. Oh, yes she’s alive. Spoiler alert! Basically this is a spoiler review, so you’ve been warned.

    Stranger Things Season 2


    Stranger Things 2 is bigger, weirder and definitely creepier than the first. Season 1 ended with Will Byer hacking up those slugs so that should have hinted at the freakiness to expect. He still connected to the Upside Down in some way. We get to see another supernatural work her mojo, apart from the obvious and the nose bleed thing that always happens she has a number eight tattoo. So its pretty hard not to know where she was raised. Everyone was so relieved to have survived the demogorgon attack no one really thought of destroying the gate. So it’s still a big part of this season. Mike is lovelorn since Elevens disappearance while Dustin and Lucas id fighting for the new girl, Max. The laboratory is under new management who is more empathetic than Dr. Brenner.

    Plot spoilers

    • Despite returning from the Upside Down in season one, Will Byers has been unable to shake his connection to this shadow dimension. It turns out that he’s being targeted by a massive smoke monster the Mind Flayer. Hes getting episodes where he finds himself back at the Upside Down.
    • Hopper discovers the threat spreading underneath Hawkins. Joyce sense trouble with Will and seeks the help of the new director of the laboratory.
    • Eleven has spent the time between seasons one and two living in a cabin courtesy of Hopper, turns out she ended up at the Upside Down after destroying the demogorgon. Shes getting frustrated with Hoppers overprotective rules and wants to tell her friends shes alive.
    • A new girl arrives, Max, who immediately draws the infatuation of Lucas and Dustin. The group comes to accept Max, even if it takes Mike longer than the others , he’s still pinning for Eleven.
    • Max goes for Lucas during the Snow Ball leaving Dustin alone. But he does get to dance with Nancy at the end of the day.
    • Eleven runs aways from Hopper, leading her to meet her own mother, learn more about the experiments at Hawkins Lab, and even meet one of the other members of the program: Kali. She stays away from Hawkins for awhile.
    • The Mind Flayer possesses Will, turning him into an unwitting “spy,” all while sowing roots throughout the underground of Hawkins in an apparent plan to bring the Upside Down right-side up.
    • Nancy gets caught in a temporary love triangle, she starts out by dating Steve but ends up with Jonathan in the end. At least this last romance leads to the shut down of the Hopkins lab. Finally!
    • Steve gets to be the baby sitter of Dustin and the boys, okay not exactly but thats how it seems since he becomes Mr. Wonderful and starts hanging out with them.
    • Joyce ends up dating a guy named Bob (was I the only one shiping her with Hopper?) But Bob ends up dead in the end so theres still hope.
    • The season concludes with the inevitable conflict with Eleven returning to Hawkins and reunites with Mike, just in time to use her telekinetic powers to destroy the Mind Flayer’s reach from the Upside Down.
    • Unlike season 1 , the Mind Flayer isn’t completely destroyed and theres his looming presence in the vast unknown just waiting for an opportunity to strike. We can’t even predict what the Duffer brothers have in store for the next season.
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