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  • For a few days, there have been excitement in the Stranger Things community, following an official tweet from the Duffer Brothers. It is no more news that the third season of this series is on its way, but a question hangs, what do we expect in the upcoming season?

    There are many exciting stuffs we expect in the upcoming season, but let’s start with the fact that there will be new cool characters. To be a little explicit, we’ll have Larry Kline, who is best described as a politician always in pursuit of his interests. There’ll also be Bruce, a reporter who’s had it hard with his career. Patricia Brown, officially described as a sweet elderly neighbour who offers advices to her neighbourhood kids. There are likely to be more characters introduced in the season, but for now, those are the three we have confirmed.

    Another big question for season 3, is: what’s up with the bad guys? Although, we have no information about this, however we can tell that The Shadow Hunter will be in the season.

    What do we have to say about the rumour concerning Stranger Things legal issue? Let’s start by saying: it is very true that Stranger Things is facing some legal issue, but it seems unlikely that this problem will bring an end to the series. Giving details, the Duffer Brothers (Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer) were sued by Charlie Kessler. Charlie Kessler, the writer of the short movie ‘Montauk’, accused the Duffer Brothers of plagiarising his concept. He argued that the idea of a boy’s disappearance leading to the discovery of a military facility conducting experiments on children, was copied from his movie.

    A lawsuit was filed by Charlie Kessler in early April 2018, but from the looks of things, the legal issue wouldn’t bring an end to the series. Worst case scenario, the lawsuit scratches the series a little.

    The first season of Stranger Things has 8 episodes; the second season has 9, which are namely: MadMax, Trick or Treat Freak, The Pollywog, Will The Wise, Dig Dug, The Spy, The Lost Sister, The Mind Flayer, and The Gate. Season 3 of the award-winning series should be made up of 10 episodes.

    As regards to the release date of Stranger Things, there isn’t any valid information for now. However, speculations bound that the season will be released in the first quarter of 2018.

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