• Released in October 2017, almost a year after the first season. It consists of nine episodes, as the story of supernaturals and a gate to another dimension continues. We see new characters being brought in and more questions about the scientific laboratory are answered. A second supernatural girl also comes in! How exciting. However, we can’t possibly start talking about season two without looking back at what happened in season one.


    Will got abducted by a monster in the first episode, opening up a series of manhunts and some stuff coming to light. Lucas, Mike and Dustin found Eleven in the woods while looking for Will. Joyce experiences some weird happenings at her house and is convinced Will is trying to talk to her. Barb goes missing at Steve’s party and Nancy sets out to find her. Elevens psychokinetic abilities come to light. Hoppers suspicions get him to break into the lab. Jonathan and Nancy pair up to find the monster that abducted both Will and Barb. They all get together at the school to trap the monster and rescue Will. Eleven says goodbye to Mike and uses her powers to destroy the Demogorgon and herself. The series ends showing one month later with Will puking weird slug like things and Hopper bidding food in the woods.


    Stranger Things Season 2

    Still set in the rural town of Hawkins Indiana, in the fall of 1984. The residents are still reeling from the effects of the Demogorgon (the ones who were involved, as most of the town is still unaware). Will Byer has been rescued, but is suffering from some Ill effects. The Hawkins laboratory is still running but under new management. A bigger sinister entity is still out there being a bigger threat to the residents.


    #1 MadMax

    Its Halloween week and the boys are at the arcade and find that someone called “MADMAX” has beaten Dustin ‘s high score. Will experiences an ‘episode’ and finds himself back at the Upside Down version of the arcade. Theres a new kid in school who is called Max and might be the potential MadMax. Will is taken back to Hawkins lab where theres a new doctor in charge. Barbs parents still don’t know she’s dead and are still searching for her.

    #2 Trick or Treat, Freak

    Its Halloween and Will sees something terrifying while hes out trick or treating. Eleven is still alive and living in the woods with Hopper. Nancy is struggling with her guilt for not telling Barbs parents the truth. Steve persuades her to not say anything. Mike is still holding on hope that Eleven is alive. Dustin gets home from trick or treating and finds a strange slug like creature and thinks its pollywog.

    #3 The Pollywog

    Eleven is tired of staying hidden and grows impatient with Hopper. Dustin decides to make the slug like thing his pet. Nancy recruits Jonathan to help her tell Barbs parents the truth. The boys conclude that Dustin’s pet is from the Upside Down. Mike gets into an argument with Max and Eleven who has run away from the cabin hears it and misinterprets it ending up using her powers to knock Max down and running away.

    #4 Will the Wise

    Will gets a serious episode at school and passes out. Joyce takes him home but he begins behaving strangely and scribbling on pages. Jonathan and Nancy decide to tell Barb’s patents the truth but are picked up by lab agents and taken to the lab. At Dustin’s house the pet has broken out of its cage and eaten his cat. Its grown into a baby Demogorgon. Eleven argues with Hopper and finds paperwork about her mother. She tries to use her powers to communicate with her.

    #5 Dig Dug

    Hopper goes to the pumpkin patch and digs a hole that leads him to the Upside Down where he becomes trapped and passes out. Will sees a vision of Hopper and with the help of Bob, they’re able to locate where he is. Lucas tries to impress Max by telling her the events of last year but she doesn’t believe him. Eleven leaves Hawkins is search for her past.

    Wrap Up

    Just when you think Stranger Things cant get any better! You’ll be glued to your screen with every titillating episode. The twists and turns of supernaturals and the Upside Down monsters is sure to keep you well entertained.

    What To Expect When You Watch Stranger Things

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