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  • Sean Astin was likely only ever on board for one series anyway and once that Demogorgon has him in his sights you know it’s the end. The terror trick of faking there is a character only to kill him off is deployed — ensuring that Bob, with his control of Fundamental, will live on as an online meme. He is possessed by the shadow demon — and his very best friend and mom want to tranquillise Will (Noah Schnapp) to stop him functioning as the monster’s eyes and ears. The boy’s memories are fading to the point. People are yelling at him and from the end of the hour he is tied up they made his acquaintance. Imprisonment in the Upside Down feels like a vacation compared to what Will has had to endure. In D&D lore, a “Mind Flayer” is an alien-like beastie with frightening psychic abilities and an insatiable desire to control “lesser” beings. An adequate metaphor — sorry “analogy” — to the shadow monster and its dark plans for Hawkins you could say (especially if you’re as big a nerd as Dustin). On the topic of references harks back to Park increasing the possibility that is alarming that, having sucked the Eighties dry, Stranger Things is mining for inspiration in the Nineties. Elsewhere, the scene where Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) assert as they walk the rail-tracks is a wink towards Stand By Me (then the entirety of Stranger Things could be thought of as a wink onwards Stand By Me).The bully’s anger against the world is described because his dad and step-mother return home to find Max (Sadie Sink) has absconded. Though we wouldn’t chose to rebel, as Billy has, by cultivating Bon Jovi hair — having a brute like this for a dad, the majority of us would be mad too.


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