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  • After an entire season of pointlessness, Billy eventually makes his existence rewarding in a swoony artificial–seduction scene with Mrs. Wheeler. He rolls in the middle of his hunt for Max to discover a berobed Mrs. Wheeler, fresh from a candlelit bubble bath made even more beautiful by the inclusion of a steamy romantic page-turner. Both idle over some chitchat — Mrs. Wheeler really falls for Billy’s idiotic line about believing she is Nancy’s sister — and Dacre Montgomery proves his worth to the whole series with a single seductive cookie snack. This scene is worth car tire, and every saucy cigarette drag we have had to endure. And confused. And infuriated. He is so mad that Hopper kept Eleven from him “for 352 times” he hurls his little body against the police chief, threatening to pummel him, but soon winds up in tears instead. It’s been a challenging year for Mike, that has been holding a lot more inside than any child could manage.The great news, however, is that with Eleven back to the scene, the “gate” can eventually be closed. But first, they will want to get down her hole in Hawkins Lab, beyond the rabid “demodogs” who have overtaken the centre. And lest we forget, before this can happen, they have to discover a way to exorcise the shadow monster from the body of Will.


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